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The Republican Newspaper - Established 1877 - Garrett County, Maryland - Thursday, July 2, 2015 -
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About Us
The Sincell Publishing Company, established in 1890 in Oakland, Maryland, by Benjamin Hinkle Sincell, is the publisher of the weekly newspaper The Republican, which was first published in 1877 by Capt. James Hayden.  The newspaper was named by Hayden, a veteran of the Union Army in the Civil War, in memory of President Abraham Lincoln, who had been assassinated just 12 years prior.  B.H. Sincell purchased the company from Hayden in 1890 and produced his first newspaper on his 21st birthday.
Sincell operated the company, producing the newspaper and managing a general printing shop, until his death in 1946.  His son, Donald R. Sincell (general manager), and his brother-in-law, George H. Hanst (editor), took over the business at that time, along with B.H.'s widow, Lillian "Tay" Sincell and his grandson, Robert Benjamin Sincell.
In the mid-1970s, Robert's son Donald W. Sincell became the editor.  In the 133-year history of The Republican newspaper, there have been just four editors: Hayden, B.H. Sincell, George Hanst, and the current editor, Don Sincell.
The business is now owned by Don and his wife, Suzanne B. Sincell, and Don's sister, Mary Sincell McEwen, and her husband, John R. McEwen.  The McEwens are on the staff, with Mary as a writer and associate editor, and John as the photograph editor.  Also employed is Don's daughter, Rachel Sincell Vecchioni, as a writer and page compiler.
The company has been recognized as an asset to the Garrett County community, having been named the recipient of the Governor’s Arts Award, a state honor for the support of the arts, in 1998.  In 2010 Sincell Publishing was awarded the Community Caring Award from United Way.  In 2013, the company was presented with the first Business Friend of the Arts Award by the Garrett County Arts Council.  Robert B. Sincell, father of Don and Mary, was nominated by Mary and then chosen for induction in the Maryland Delaware DC Press Association (MDDC) Newspaper Hall of Fame in 2008.  B.H. Sincell, Robert’s grandfather, was the very first person named to that list in 1947.  (See
The company currently employs 21 people.  The paper is published each Thursday.  The commercial shop produces top-quality printed materials, such as posters, tickets, brochures, invitations, stationary, business cards, posters, and more.
In addition to the Oakland location, where the main offices are located as well as the commercial printing equipment and newspaper printing press, the company operates a satellite office in Grantsville, Maryland, within the Grantsville Plaza, which is directly off Interstate 68.
The web site for the newspaper is  It is a paid site, as the entire paper can be viewed online using the innovative program FlippingBook.
The job shop site is, where customers can view samples of our work and order directly online.