Advertising in The Republican Newspaper

The Republican newspaper covers the news within the Garrett County region and in parts of West Virginia. For advertising info please see our Advertising Rate Card, or contact The Republican advertising departments at:

Call -- 301-334-3963
Fax -- 301-334-5904

Email --

Call -- 301-895-5827
Fax -- 301-746-8223

Email --

When e-mailing The Republican with advertising copy you must specify what type and size of ad you are requesting (classified line, classified display, or ROP). You also must include your name and phone number. We will not accept advertising solely upon receipt of e-mail. Please call to follow-up on your request.

Advertising on The Republican Online Edition

The Republican Online offers advertising space on many key areas of its site, including the front page and select featured sections.

Advertising on The Republican Online is a great way to advertise your local business website because we are accessible anywhere on the Internet, while still focusing on the local Garrett County region. We average 900 unique visitors a week which range from year-round Garrett Country residents, to seasonal residents, to vacationers... which creates unique advertising possibilities. If you're looking for an easy way to increase traffic to your site, why not try one of our banners?
  • We use industry standard 468x60 banner ads
  • All of our ads are "above the fold," meaning they appear on the site without any scrolling
  • The Republican Online receives an average of 3,100 unique hits (different IP's) and 19,000 page views each week

This is a new service from us, so we're currently offering these introductory rates:

Advertising Banners - $25.00/week for first week (includes in-house banner design)
$20.00/week for additional weeks
$30.00/week for animated banners

For more information or to schedule an ad, please contact the advertising department at, or call 301-334-3963.