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The Republican Newspaper - Established 1877 - Garrett County, Maryland - Thursday, July 2, 2015 -
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Mar. 16, 2017

temperatures through much of January and February, Mother Nature decided to wreak havoc on the mountaintop, and throughout much of the nation's northeast, by sending a nor'easter storm less than a week before the first day of spring. The wind and snow began late Monday night, and the wintery siege continued until Wednesday afternoon, dumping well over a foot of snow, closing schools for two days, canceling numerous events, meetings, and church services, and causing some accidents like the one pictured above. The driver of this coal truck lost control on the icy surface of Wilson Road near Gorman late Tuesday and overturned, flipping completely over the guard rail and nearly into a creek. The driver was reportedly uninjured. The road was closed for several hours until the vehicle could be righted and removed from the scene. Photo by Lindsay Mulliken.