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The Republican Newspaper - Established 1877 - Garrett County, Maryland - Thursday, July 2, 2015 -
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May. 18, 2017

is underway for Mark "Rowdy" Daniel, who plans to span the continental United States – a distance of 4,834 miles – in his wheelchair. Daniel, 28, left Lewes, Del., on March 20 and intends to roll into San Francisco, Calif., in an estimated eight months. Paralyzed from the waist down in an auto accident at the age of 18, Daniel has been traveling through Garrett County for the past few days, arriving in Oakland last evening. "I want to fulfill my dream and encourage other people in wheelchairs to pursue theirs," he said. His course is the American Discovery Trail, which is a northern cross-country route. He is pictured here on Rt. 135 (Maryland Highway) on Backbone Mountain, wearing a Lisa Wade Memorial Run T-shirt, which was given to him by Lisa's parents, Dan and Lois Wade, who hosted Daniel at their home near Bloomington Tuesday night. "When I got in my accident at 18, it changed my whole life, and until now I have made excuses not to take this risk. My biggest excuse was my chair makes it impossible for me to carry my camping gear, but the Leverage Freedom Chair makes it absolutely possible!" he said. "Rowdy" is maintaining a blog and hopes to make a documentary film after he completes his trek, hoping to inspire others with spinal cord injuries to tackle almost anything they wish. More information, along with a link to his GoFundMe page, can be found online at Photo by Lindsay Mulliken.