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Welcome to



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Looking for home cook-

ing, just like Grandma’s?

Annie’s is the place to go!

Located at 414 S. Main

Street in Accident, you can

find everything from fresh

roasted turkey, meatloaf,

and potatoes, to sausage

gravy and biscuits, toast,

and fresh strawberry jam –

all homemade right there at


Currently celebrating 15

years in business – from last

July until next July – An-

nie’s is named after owner

Lisa Fratz Bonar’s grand-

mother, Anna Fratz. She

ran a boarding house where

hunters came as much for

the meals as the day’s hunt.

“I dreamed of living in

this house, and always want-

ed to have a restaurant,”

Lisa said.

Now, with over 15 years

of her dreams being real-

ized, she is still keeping

Grandma’s recipes alive.

Starting this week, An-

nie’s will feature a weekly

“Heirloom Dessert,” cre-

ated from her grandmother’s

recipe box, which Lisa inher-

ited. The first feature is Gra-

ham Cracker Pie. Coming

soon will be Old Black Joe

Cake, Polly Peach Pudding,

and Applesauce Cake.

Lisa enjoys the close-knit

community she is a part of,

and is pleased to help out

with fundraisers for area

sports teams.

“We love the locals!” she

said. “They keep us going

all winter.”

The restaurant is cur-

rently selling t-shirts that

say “Living the Local Life

in Garrett County” along

with the outline of Garrett

County on the back. On

the front are double L’s that

stand for “Local Life.”

At Annie’s, patrons are

invited to eat where the lo-

cals eat. The menu features

“local” taco salad, served

in a tortilla bowl and tossed

with Doritos and Catalina

dressing, and a “local” burg-

er with Annie’s own sea-

soned mix of ground chuck,

topped with grilled onions

and pepper jack cheese.

How about trying the

“local” Mountain of Meat-

loaf ? You’ve never seen any-

thing like this! Or go for

the “local” fish and chips

– Yuengling-battered had-

dock served with homemade

potato chips.

Tuesday is Wing Day,

featuring 10 different flavors;

seafood specials are offered

on Fridays; and Sunday’s

feature is extra special Sun-

day dinners like Grandma’s.

Annie’s is also known

for its Reuben sandwich on

homemade rye bread.

“Bikers come here from

Canada every year, and they

say we have the best Reuben

in the lower 48 states,” Lisa


The breakfast menu is

popular with repeat patrons

of the restaurant, and is

available all day. It includes

omelettes with home fries,

pancakes, and buckwheat


Don’t forget dessert! An-

nie’s apple dumplings rule!

They feature a whole apple

wrapped in flaky pastry and

sprinkled with cinnamon

and sugar.

A big slice of chocolate

peanut butter or coconut

cake is hard to pass up, too.

Another favorite is warm

chocolate chip cookies with

a glass of cold milk.

An added bonus at the

restaurant is a wide array of

baked goods created in the

on-site bakery. Fresh bread

is always available, as well

as a variety of pies, cakes,

and cookies.

Specialty requests are al-

ways welcome at Annie’s.

“We want our custom-

ers to feel comfortable, like

they would at home or at

Grandma’s house,” Lisa

said. “And we want them to

come back repeatedly.”

No matter what you’re

hungry for, Annie’s can sati-

sy your hunger. Everyone is

invited to stop on in!

The restaurant is open

daily, with hours Monday

through Saturday from 7

a.m. to 8 p.m., and Sunday

from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

There are daily specials

and a children’s menu, and

carry-out and catering ser-

vices are also available. An-

nie’s phone number is 301-


HOME COOKING JUST LIKE GRANDMA’S can be found at Annie’s Kitchen in

Accident. Currently celebrating 15 years in business, the restaurant is named for owner Lisa

Fratz Bonar’s grandmother, Anna Fratz. A wide array of items offered for breakfast, lunch,

and dinner will please every patron, and a variety of desserts from the in-house bakery are

the perfect finishing touch.

WEEKLY HEIRLOOM DESSERTS are the latest fea-

ture at Annie’s Kitchen. Owner Lisa Fratz Bonar is pictured

holding this week’s feature, Graham Cracker Pie.

GC Sheriff Lists

Seized Dodge

Truck On eBay

Garrett County sheriff

Rob Corley has announced

the eBay listing for the sale of

a 2013 Dodge pickup that was

seized from Vaughn V. Win-

ters, Oakland, by the Garrett

County Narcotics Task Force

on July 23, 2014, at the time

of Winters' initial arrest.

Judge Ray Strubin later

ordered the vehicle forfeited,

once the state's attorney, as

forfeiting authority, estab-

lished the connection be-

tween the truck and drug


The listing is done in con-

junction with the Garrett

County Purchasing Depart-

ment to assure compliance

with all laws for the disposal

of county assets, according to

state's attorney Lisa Thayer

Welch. The eBay item num-

ber is 251903879276.

The truck is further de-

scribed as a 2013 Dodge

Ram Laramie mega cab with

7,087 miles and the balance

of the factory warranty. It

has been garage kept since it

was seized.

"We've had great success

listing vehicles for sale on

eBay due to the number of

potential buyers," Corley

said. "The proceeds are used

for a variety of drug preven-

tion activities, as well as for

investigation and prosecution


Winters was initially ar-

rested and charged with pos-

session of various controlled

dangerous substances and

paraphernalia items follow-

ing a traffic stop and a positive

alert on the truck by a drug-

detection dog.

A search warrant executed

at Winters' residence later

that day resulted in additional

charges, including posses-

sion with intent to distribute

cocaine and multiple charges

for the illegal possession of

weapons, the state's attorney


With the gun connection,

the U.S. Attorney’s Office

agreed to adopt the case upon

its referral byWelch. She said

Winters has been indicted in

federal court, with pretrial

motions scheduled for May


MLP Woman

Sentenced To 10

Days For Theft

Amanda Darlene Garlitz,

25, Mtn. Lake Park, pled

guilty to theft of less than

$100 and was sentenced to

10 days in the Garrett County

Detention Center by presid-

ing Judge Stephan Martin

Moylan. This was one of

several criminal cases recently

heard in Garrett County Dis-

trict Court.

Charges stemmed from

an incident occurring at the

Dollar General in Oakland

on Dec. 12, 2014. Garlitz

was observed walking behind

the counter to obtain a preg-

nancy test, which she took to

the in-store bathroom. When

she exited the bathroom and

proceeded to check out, an

employee of the store con-

fronted her about the where-

abouts of the pregnancy test.

The empty box and wrap-

per were found in the rest-

room, and three rolls of toilet

paper were found in her purse,

leading to the Maryland State

Police charging her with theft.

Sue Whitacre, age un-

known, Kitzmiller, was found

guilty of two counts of sec-

ond degree assault, and was

sentenced to six months,

with six months suspended.

Whitacre also received one

year of unsupervised proba-

tion, and was fined $100.

She was charged on July 8,

2014, by the Garrett County

Sheriff ’s Office, when depu-

ties received reports from a

pair of male victims regarding

Whitacre assaulting them at

Dill Bridge near Kitzmiller.

Whitacre reportedly exited

her vehicle and unprovok-

ingly attempted to choke and

strike the two men.

Michael Eugene Lawson,

57, Friendsville, received stet

verdicts on three counts of

illegally possessing a firearm,

and one count of illegally pos-

sessing ammunition, and was

ordered to obey all laws and

to not possess firearms.

Lawson was charged by

the MSP on Feb. 1 at his resi-

dence alongOldMorgantown

Road, west of Friendsville, af-

ter barricading himself inside.

A trooper spent over an hour

on the phone with Lawson

before finally convincing

him to exit the residence and

turn himself in, which he did

without incident.

Troopers recovered three

handguns from the residence,

none of which were registered

in Maryland, leading to the


James Donald Wright, 52,

Adamstown, pled guilty to

violating an ex parte/protec-

tive order, and was sentenced

to 90 days, all of which were

suspended. In addition, he

received one year of unsuper-

vised probation and was fined

$500, with $250 suspended.

Wright was charged by the

MSP on Dec. 9, 2014, after

receiving a complaint from

the victim, who resides in


A protective order issued

LOAR AUXILIARY PRESENTS DONATION – During a recent celebration at Gar-

rett County Memorial Hospital, Loar Auxiliary members presented a check to Kendra

Thayer, GCMH vice president of patient care service and chief nursing officer. The

$8,000 donation was in honor of the Loar Auxiliary Gift Shop's eighth anniversary in

its current location at the hospital. The donation will be used to fund two new defi-

brillators for the hospital. Pictured at the check presentation, from left, are auxiliary

volunteers Carol Shiffy, Margaret Mowbray, Phyllis Gank, Denise Shay, Thayer, Betty

Wolford, Britani Sebold, Arlene Alascio, and Molly Hartung. The auxiliary raises money

through the shop, Cup O'Joe vending, and many special lobby sales throughout the

year. Anyone wanting more information about volunteering with the Loar Auxiliary

may call the shop at 301-533-4045.

in Frederick County District

Court on Nov. 24, 2014, and

effective until Feb. 28 stated

there shall be no contact be-

tween the two by telephone,

in writing, or by any other

means. However, Wright

attempted to contact the

victim by telephone and text

message, violating the court


Brittany Lee Carney, 20,

McHenry, pled guilty to mali-

cious destruction of property

valued under $1,000, and was

sentenced to 60 days, all of

which were suspended. In ad-

dition, Carney also received

six months of unsupervised

probation and was fined $500,

with $400 suspended.

Carney was charged by

the MSP on Oct. 30, 2014,

after admitting to keying the

victim’s car. Damage was

estimated at $600.

CDS Possession

Charge Issued To

Gormania Man

A West Virginia man was

arrested by Garrett County

sheriff's deputies following

a traffic stop in Loch Lynn

early Sunday morning.

Sampson Odell IV, 30,

Gormania, was stopped

along Paul Street at approx-

imately 1:30 a.m. for fail-

ure to drive right of center.

He reportedly consented to

a search, and a controlled

dangerous substance not

marijuana was found in his

jacket pocket. He was subse-

quently arrested and charged

with CDS possession not


He was taken to the Gar-

rett County Jail to await a

bond hearing.